Solar For Your Business

As business owners ourselves, we at Prime Solar understand what it means to run your own business. We know how important it is to be in control of every aspect of your company. You can take charge of your energy bills today. Enough is enough. Stop “renting” electricity for your business. Energy prices are constantly increasing, which means that your overhead budget is always evolving. Going solar allows you to stop utility rate hikes permanently. Don’t allow big utility companies to take advantage of your business.


Non Profits

If you have a church or non-profit you may be able to save funds that you would normally spend on your electricity bills towards your cause.

Bridge Church

  • 256kW
  • Carport Structure
  • PPA Financing

Public Works

As government mandated businesses receive less and less money for funding, every dollar counts. Take advantage of the multiple grants and municipal bond programs.

Rancho Cordova City Hall

  • 315 kW
  • Carport Structure
  • Federal Grant Funding



Not only is solar good for your bottom line, its also great PR for your business. Take advantage of all the benefits going green has to offer.

Recycling Company

  • 682kW
  • Ground Mount
  • Yearly Savings = $89,000


Join the movement and be one of the many farms across America to go solar. Keep overhead costs low, while permanently ending rate hikes.

DeValentine Farms

  • 1.2 mW
  • Ground Mount
  • Lifetime Savings = $625,000


Your Path To An Effortless Transition

At Prime Solar, we do everything within our power to make sure your switch to solar is simple and efficient. Once you decide going solar is right for you, we get right to work. We handle the financing, designing, contracting, installation, and best of all the paperwork! Leaving you to do what you do best, run your business. You can go solar in three simple steps:


Meet with one of our solar reps to learn whether solar is right for you or your business. Make sure you have your recent energy usage handy.


Once you’ve decided to move forward with your solar project we will handle the rest. From design to paperwork, we’ll do the dirty work.


After all paperwork and permits are filed, it’s time to begin installing your system! Soon you will be reaping the benefits of going solar.